Better Together: The Power of Global Library Connections–Documents

Have you ever wanted an international partner for your library?  Have you ever wanted to work overseas? 

The International Library and Cultural Exchange Interest Group of the Colorado Association of Libraries and the Arthur Lakes Library of the Colorado School of Mines are sponsoring a uniquely formatted two-day international conference, Better Together: The Power of Global Library Connections.   

March 6 and 7, 2023

Searching for more information? Do you want to help us promote this event? These documents will do just that!

The conference flyer will provide you with essential dates and links:

Conference flyer

Venue details provides you with the logistics that you need for navigating Day 2 at the Colorado School of Mines, including parking instructions, a campus map, and building details.

Better Together Venue details (including parking)

Need an overview on Sister Library relationships? This article will provide you with a framework for setting up your own partnership.

International Partnerships Value, Benefits, and the Administrator’s Role by Janet Lee and Nancy Bolt

Our Planning Team wants all webinar participants to be able to understand and participate in the conference.  To support accessibility, we have engaged Caption First to provide live, real-time, captioning.  We ask that you provide us with a copy of your slides, if you are using them, as soon as your presentation is finalized so that the captioner can ask any clarifying questions.

To further accessibility, we are also providing you with accessibility information, both in planning your presentation and in delivering it.  We ask that you review your slides again to see if they are accessible as possible.  We have also provided tips on presenting to our international audience.  We currently have over 200 people registered from over 50 countries.  We do not know how many have physical disabilities, but we do know that for many, English is not their first language. Keep that in mind as you make your presentation.

How to Make Your Presentation Accessible

If you are interested in cooperating with a partner/sister library, Sister Cities is a
place to begin if your city is part of the Sister Cities program. In addition to being
a valuable cultural asset to your library program, it can also help you gain
credibility with your city officials as your library supports some of the city’s goals.

How to Connect with Sister Cities

Have you been curious which Colorado city is paired with which city/country? We have two lists that have all the info!

Colorado Sister Cities poster by City

Colorado Sister Cities poster by City/country