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Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant from the CAL International Library Cultural Exchange Interest Group.

ILCE-IG offers grants to individuals and libraries within Colorado in support of two main goals:

  • International Individual and library partnerships and activities that enhance cultural understanding
  • Colorado Cultural programming and activities that celebrate ethnic and immigrant cultures in Colorado

The scope of the ILCE-IG grant is global and encourages projects that foster relationships between Colorado libraries and those in other countries; it helps to develop and maintain libraries for use in disadvantaged communities in foreign countries; celebrates international cultures through cooperation with libraries in other countries; and celebrates diverse cultural groups living in Colorado.

Examples of projects supported in the past include:

  • Collaborations between a library in Colorado and one in another country designed to increase local staff skills.
  • A Colorado library event designed to celebrate ethnic and immigrant cultures
  • A Colorado individual’s efforts to establish or help maintain a library in a country with underdeveloped libraries.

Grant Guidelines

Two grants are available in 2022 for an amount up to $1,500 per grant. ILCE-IG prefers, but does not require, that one grant is made to support international librarianship and one to support cultural understanding among different groups in a library’s service area.

ILCE-IG will consider grant applications from individuals who are current members of the Colorado Association of Libraries and from all Colorado libraries.

Grants will be considered based on the extent to which they meet one or more of these criteria:

  • Promote cultural understanding between the US and other cultures
  • Assist in the cooperative development of libraries in other countries
  • Train librarians in other countries
  • Promote collaboration and communication between library staff in the US and in other countries

Examples of ILCE-IG projects that WILL be considered include, but are not limited to:

  • Training or workshops for library staff in other countries
  • Limited materials purchased and shipped to support training or a specific library project
  • Supplies and printing of materials in support of a training program or a specific project
  • Book discussions between users of US and international libraries
  • Events at Colorado libraries that celebrate and enhance cultural understanding
  • Joint programs or training between Colorado and international libraries
  • E-clubs that promote communication between users of Colorado and international libraries

ILCE-IG will NOT consider requests for:

  • Book purchases and shipping costs to establish a library
  • International travel expenses
  • General office supplies
  • Religious organizations that do not serve the general public on a non-denominational basis
  • ESL or citizenship classes

Application & Review Process

The ILCE-IG Grant application will be released on April 20, 2022.

Please submit applications electronically to by midnight June 1, 2022.

Proof of current membership in CAL is required in the application.

Upon receipt of the application, an International Grant Committee composed of CAL members, other than the ILCE-IG Steering Committee and with no connection to any applicant, will review the applications to determine whether the applicant and the project are within the ILCE-IG’s Program Guidelines. Those that are not within the guidelines will be declined.  Grants will be considered based on the extent to which they meet one or more of the criteria listed above in the Grant Guidelines.

In addition, the application must:

  • Articulate a project design that describes how the project meets grant guidelines.
  • Indicate how the success of the project will be measured.
  • Proof of current CAL membership.
  • Include a budget and budget narrative that describes the amount of money needed and how it will be used in relation to the project.
  • Agree to send a report of the project including:
    • The degree to which the project met its goals
    • Any problems that occurred and how they were addressed
    • Photos and quotes from project participants about the project

Applicants may be contacted for additional information.

The International Grant Committee will make recommendations to the CAL Board, who will then make the final decision on proposals at the regular meeting.

Please allow at least four weeks after you submit your completed application before you receive a response.

Grants may begin when funds are received and must be completed within one year.

The applicant must be willing to present a CAL program about the project if requested and give credit to ILCE when presenting.

 The ILCE Steering Committee would appreciate an invitation to attend events funded with the grant.

Click here for: CAL ILCE-IG Grant Guidelines and Application 2022 as a Word Document

Click here for:  CAL ILCE-IG Grant Guidelines and Application 2022 as a PDF

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