Papers, Publications & Presentations

Tillson, Linda and Jen Yadav, Two Truths and a Lie.  Colorado Association of Libraries (CALCON 2022), Westminster, CO September 9, 2022.

Lee, Janet and Nancy Bolt and Jane Mirandette.  “There Must be Something in the Water: Colorado’s Trifecta,” (pts. 1,2,3) International Leads.  December 2021, March and June 2022

Lee, Janet with Richard Sapon-White and John Barnette.  Leaning International. Sponsored by the International Connections subcommittee of IRRT.  On-demand program at ALA annual conference (virtual), June 21, 2021.

Lee, Janet (moderator), Brenda Randolph, Dorcas Wepkuhulu.Accessing  African Children’s Literature through Online Resources.  American Library Association, International Relations Committee, Africa subcommittee. September 30, 2020 virtual conference.

Bolt, Nancy (Chair,  IFLA, LSN)  Using Universal Design for Learning to Enhance Information Literacy Programs: Online and in the Library (Webinar I)  A webinar hosted by the Library Services to People with Special Needs and the Information Literacy sections of IFLA.  September 16, 2020.

Lee, Janet and others:  Transcending Borders: From Librarians Collaborating Abroad to Reconsidering Opportunities in a Virtual World.  A webinar hosted by the International Sustainable Library Development Interest Group of the American Library Association. September 21, 2020.

Bolt, Nancy (Moderator), Karen Kllanxja, Janet Lee, Jane Mirandette, Sue Keefer.  Show Me the Money: the ILCE-IG Grant Explained.  CALCON 2020, September 10, 2020.

Bolt, Nancy and Despina Gerasinidou.  IFLA celebrates World Refugee Day.  IFLA, 19 June 2020.

Lee, Janet (2019), “Bridging the digital divide through the use of Chromebooks in Ethiopia”, Library Hi Tech News, Number 1 2020.

Lee, Janet, Connie Champlin and Kelly Grogg. “Peace Corps Support of International Sustainable Library Development. Knowledge Quest, 46 (5), 2018.

Lee, Janet (2018) “Intersections: Ethiopia, Peace Corps, and a Fulbright Experience,” Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal: Vol. 7 : No. 2 , Article 10.

Lee, Janet. “Ethiopia, land of origins: A Fulbright Experience pt. 2” International Leads, 32 (2), 2018

Lee, Janet. “Ethiopia, land of origins: A Fulbright Experience.” International Leads, 32 (1), 2018 

Janet Lee’s Ethiopian Fulbright Journey May June 2018

Janet Lee’s Ethiopian Fulbright Journey April 2018

Janet Lee’s Ethiopian Fulbright Journey March 2018

Janet Lee’s Ethiopian Fulbright Journey January February 2018

Janet Lee’s Ethiopian Fulbright Journey December 2017

Janet Lee’s Ethiopian Fulbright Journey November 2017

Janet Lee’s Ethiopian Fulbright Journey October 2017

Janet Lee’s Ethiopian Fulbright Journey September 2017

International Partnerships: Value, Benefits, and the Library Administrator’s Role by Janet Lee and Nancy Bolt.  Journal of Library Administration, February 19, 2016.

Keefer explores Nicaraguan libraries with the International Library Cultural Exchange  Otero Junior College Press Release January 18, 2016.

Colorado Librarians Explore Nicaraguan Libraries by Janet Lee.  International Leads, v. 29 #4 (December 2015) pg. 4.

Strategic Collaborations: Sister Libraries in Sister Cities a presentation by Nancy Bolt and Janet Lee at the American Library Association Annual Conference, San Francisco, June 28, 2015.

Cultural Observations of India November 2 – 11, 2014 by Nancy Bolt with input by Joan Thompson

People to People Ambassadors  Visit to Indian Libraries and Cultural Sites, November  2-11, 2014 by Nancy Bolt

Denver Public Library and Brest Mediatheque –A Sister City Partnership  a presentation by Nancy Bolt and Diane Lapierre

San Juan del Sur Biblioteca  video presented at the CALCON by Jane Mirandette and Justin Martinez

Laptops to Lesotho – presented by Kathy Plath, CALCON 2014  (October 2014)

The Role of Libraries in Serving Persons With Disabilities – Nancy Bolt, Report on the 1st International Conference of Public Librarians, Sponsored by the National Library of the Philippines (March 2014)

Morgridge Alums Help Build First Public Library in Tonga – Greg Glasgow, University of Denver Magazine (December 2013)

Seven Major Trends in Public Library Service – Nancy Bolt, BLIA Article (November 2013)

A Journey That Began 10 Years Ago – Nancy Bolt, BLIA Article p. 12-16 (October 2013)

Our Library Trip to Bulgaria, June 2013 – Nancy Bolt, BLIA Article (August 2013)

Bulgarian Impressions – Amy Martin, CAL Newsletter p. 7  (June-July 2013)

Bringing History to Life: PCCLD’s Digitization Project – Amy Martin, ABLE Conference: Sofia, Bulgaria (June 2013)

E-volving Collections: E-books in the Public Library – Amy Martin, ABLE Conference: Sofia, Bulgaria (June 2013)

Go Global! Librarianship Without Borders – Amy Martin, CliC Spring Workshop: Pueblo, CO (April 2013)

– Handout 1: Recommended Websites

– Handout 2: Do you have what it takes to work overseas

The American-Bulgarian Library Exchange: Success and Growth – Nancy Bolt, Report for the US State Department  (September 2012)

Report of Trip to Meet with Bulgarian Partner Libraries, June 2011 – Nancy Bolt (June 2011)

Going Global: The Colorado Connection (issue) Janet Lee and Helen Reed  Colorado Libraries (35:3) 2011

8,000 Books Ethiopia Bound: The Colorado Connection – Janet Lee Colorado Libraries (35:3) 2011

Cooperation through International Partnerships – Nancy Bolt, Colorado Libraries 35:3 (2011)

Skill-Share Programs: Sustaining Grassroots Libraries in Developing Nicaragua – Jane Mirandette and Hannah Miller.  Colorado Libraries 35:3 (2011)

National Library Week in Bulgaria – Nancy Bolt,  Nomination for ALA President’s International Award (2010)

Update on CAL’s Bulgarian Library Project – Nancy Bolt, CAL Newsletter (June 2010)

A Change Model for Libraries – Nancy Bolt, Recommendations based on ABLE to the Gates Global Library Project in Ukraine (January 2010)

Cooperation Through International Partnerships – Nancy Bolt, CAL Newsletter (September 2008)

Voyage of Discovery: The Semester at Sea Experience – Janet Lee, Colorado Libraries (Spring 2004. Volume 30, No. 1)

Bulgarian-Colorado Library Partnership Project A Model for Partnership – Nancy Bolt, Presentation to Emporia Library Program (2003)

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