Laptops further education in rural Africa – Submitted by Kathy Plath


          As a media specialist in Pueblo City Schools, I was fortunate to make a return trip to Lesotho, Africa to work with the Laptops to Lesotho project.  Laptops to Lesotho’s purpose is to raise funds and facilitate the distribution of One Laptop Per Child XO laptops to children in rural Lesotho.  My first trip in January of 2013, involved working with a team to train teachers at two elementary schools on how to use the laptops to teach the children critical thinking and problem solving skills.  The team’s most recent trip in March instructed students in grades one through seven on how to use the laptops to reinforce and improve their math skills.  Both students and teachers were enthusiastic about using the laptops, which used solar power to operate.

          Through the use of a server, in the near future, students will have access to e-books, Wikipedia, Khan Academy, and other resources students in rural Africa seldom have access to.  With few libraries available in rural Lesotho, the use of the laptop will give students greater access to literature. 

          To learn more about the mission and projects of Laptops to Lesotho visit, or to donate visit

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