Exciting news and an invitation from Nancy Bolt!


I’m honored to be asked by People to People and the American Library Association to lead a tour to India November 2-11, 2014.  I’ve been working with international libraries for 20 years and was Chair of the ALA International Relations Committee last year. I’m also I’m co-founder of the International Library Cultural Exchange Interest Group of the Colorado Association of Libraries.  

I’m excited to lead this tour because it combines visits to cultural sites and interacting with our librarian colleagues in India.   People to People tours always create wonderful opportunities for networking and expanding our understanding of the successes and challenges of our library colleagues around the world.

You can learn more about this trip at www.peopletopeople.com/ALA

As People to People describes it:   You can experience India firsthand with your library and information services peers from India and around the world through vibrant professional exchanges, valuable networking, and meaningful discussions tailored to your focus and interests.

Professional highlights of the trip include:  

  • Local library and information science professionals from various sectors for a mini-symposium in New Delhi.
  • Librarians and information technology specialists at local libraries (public, children’s, and school depending on the interests of tour participants.)
  • Professionals at a local university to learn about the extent of professional development available to Indian librarians and the delivery mechanisms for professional development.

Information about the cultural sites we will visit in New Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra go to www.peopletopeople.com/ALA. You are invited to bring a guest with you who will have alternative visits while we meet with librarians.

I hope you can join me for this trip to India.

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