Presenting at La Salle University/Universidad La Salle in Mexico City


Tacos and enchiladas – yes, food, that’s what we all think about when we think of México. But, there is so much more to that beautiful country including great institutions of learning and libraries.

13600222_744007409072989_8591516719985841149_nLike for example, La Salle University where library personnel are doing an amazing job serving the information needs of their students and faculty.



13606858_744006279073102_3802741727002554674_nRecently they invited Jimena Sagàs (Colorado State University) and Rita Puig (Regis University) to visit and present to their librarians. The presentation was attended by librarians from three institutions, including UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico).


13659144_744005769073153_3407112069166533412_nThe core message that Jimena and Rita tried to express was that of the academic library as a pillar of the university and an agent for social justice. A vibrant discussion followed the presentation resulting in an authentic exchange of ideas and best practices.


Some ideas were explored for continued collaboration with our colleagues in La Salle. It is certain that this is the beginning of a valuable international partnership.



While in Mexico City, Jimena and Rita stayed in the famous neighborhood of Coyoacán. In addition to boasting as the residence of Frida Kahlo, Coyoacán is also well known for its culinary delights. Therefore, there was no way they could return to the United States before treating their taste buds to deliciously authentic tacos and enchiladas.

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