CAL and ILCE-IG will sponsor a Library Tour to Nicaragua Nov. 10-18, 2022

Please join members of the International Library and Cultural Exchange as we visit libraries, cultural centers, and natural sites and participate in local library events in beautiful Nicaragua.

San Juan del Sur Biblioteca

Local arrangements will be made by Jane Mirandette, Founder of the Hester J. Hodgdon Libraries for All Program, a Colorado-based nonprofit. Jane is the Director of the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca in San Juan del Sur, a beautiful coastal town.

Join us to:

Tour various cultural sites in Nicaragua including Masaya Volcano and its Natural History museum; the 16th century city of Granada, with its cathedrals and the Museo San Francisco with its large collection of pre-Columbian statues.

Volunteer and travel with the San Juan del Sur Biblioteca Movil on its regular route to rural schools and participate in the lending process.

Celebrate the 21st anniversary of the SJDS Biblioteca, the highlight event of the year, with a library festival and street fair for over 500 children, events for Nicaraguan librarians and teachers, and an evening Gala event.

Storytime at the anniversary celebration.

Click on More Information Link for costs, itinerary and registration form.

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