Colorado Librarians Featured in International Leads

Jane Mirandette, Nancy Bolt, and Janet Lee

The first of a three-part series on the bestowing of The John Ames Humphry/OCLC/Forest Press Award to three Colorado librarians has been published in International Leads (pg. 19).  The series details the achievements of Jane Mirandette, Nancy Bolt, and Janet Lee in their pursuits in international librarianship and the formation of the International Library and Cultural Exchange Interest Group, an interest group of the Colorado Association of Libraries.  The first in the series, “There Must be Something in the Water: Colorado’s Trifecta” highlights Jane Mirandette’s work in Nicaragua with the HJH Libraries for All program. Articles covering the achievements of Nancy Bolt and Janet Lee will follow in subsequent issues of International Leads.

It is a jam-packed issue.  Be sure to take a look and share it with others.

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