Jane Mirandette, Nancy Bolt, Janet Lee: panelist for the ILCE-IG program “Managing World Crises Including COVID-19: View from Libraries in other Countries

COVID-19 has affected all of us in so many ways, from the way we interacted with each other and with how we served our populations. For some of us it was merely an inconvenience; for others it affected us personally and sometimes tragically.

Libraries became more important than ever as classes became remote and many in the population were working from home. This disruption brought new ways of doing things as we adapted to a new normal. We met over zoom. We depended on technology more than ever. We set up new protocols as we reopened our libraries and changed those protocols daily.

Our speakers gave us a view how libraries in other parts of the world adapted to this changing environment.

The Presentations are embedded in the links below:

Janet Lee Introduction to the program and an overview of ILCE-IG

Nancy Bolt

Jane Mirandette

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